The public area shapes the structure inside which worldwide business sectors work; the social area steps in where governments and markets may miss the mark in supporting underserved networks. Progressively, entertainers in these areas are embracing inventive change models and utilizing learnings, models and accomplices from the private area to accomplish their objectives. Bain’s work across the private, public and social areas empowers us to assist customers with changing networks around the planet.

About Retailing of AKAZA


What We Do ?

  • Envision and live an omnichannel strategy
  • Lead a Digical® transformation
  • Build a modern retail organization
  • Inspire Agile innovation
  • Define winning brand strategies
  • Install customer-led category management
  • Zero-base retail operations and costs
  • Earn loyalty with great customer experiences
  • Maximize margins with pricing and promotions
  • Reinvent your marketing with analytics
  • Strategically transform your cost structure
  • Strengthen sourcing and vendor relationships
  • Enhance your buying capabilities with the use of Advanced Analytics
  • Develop flexible, efficient supply chains
  • Transform information technology
  • Improve your M&A capability
  • Revamp store operations and talent

How we Work

We assist organizations with getting effective by recognizing where and how to fabricate the most worth. We help them in developing store organizations, confining varieties, building omnichannel abilities, dispatching new arrangements or improving expense positions, to give some examples.

Akaza’s specialists consolidate profound retail industry ability with experience on the whole significant locales and practical territories. They bring an outer, useful point of view to industry difficulties and openings utilizing demonstrated instruments and thorough, truth based examination. Our groups team up with customers to create regular targets, characterize jobs and obligations, propose suggestions and execute arrangements.

Akaza’s Private Equity bunch likewise has broad involvement with value speculations and in methodologies for overseeing arrangement of organizations in the retail business.